(first called the 'cresent network')

iBANK - Concept overview

Information as a resource has unique values to the individual. the social significance of communication defines the need to manage stored information securely and efficiently.  this orientation should be developed to provide secure verifiable information management to the individuals entitled to that specific information, or approved third party. however both of these culturally created entities are known to be prerequisites for social individuality and the recognition of social positioning materialistic existence and circumstantial certification for characteristically evaluated events.  this socially indispensable presence existing with such prevalence in our culture, demonstrates the necessity of such entities, currently existing as the primary form of payment and personal “worth”, is totally dependant on security systems in place during the time the individual has “ownership” of such “funds” displayed during means of transactions.


Knowledge, and the communicative version we call information, defines a unique value of the individual, filling a sociological gap perceivably untouched by any other personal entity existing in our society today. this sociological descriptive tool used to develop communicative understanding, fundamentally necessitates the protection of intellectual “properties”. the power it gives the individual and the larger environment, possibly benefiting from any personal creativity again creates a need for a totally secure platform where the user is the primary concern. upholding the individuals right to express ones’ theories, and to be heard with due acknowledgment of originality, and ownership of intellectual properties. to be dually commended for the advancements in community knowledge by defining the individual and protecting the “property” interests created by intellectual means, protected by law. to eradicate exploitation of the individual by means of misappropriating true and/or original person or person’s involved in primary concept and/or development, also to disqualify current structural weakness creating unnecessary risk, of foreign entities gaining undeserved acknowledgments for intellectual properties attained by fraudulent means, ie. stolen for reasons of greed of profit.


The ibank information network is designed to help facilitate the creation of a sociological environment where respect is of upmost importance, true intellectual property is recorded to the creator, not the advertiser. the ibank network should uphold these basic understandable “values” in a format better available than currently existing. the ibank is a secure personal information database tool, available to anybody and every body who uses computers and would like any of the added benefits this product has to offer. access to this network must be charged at a negligible fee, with the predominate income becoming attained by percentages of the transactions associated with the distribution of affiliated products and services. additional account payments would be applicable for “better” accounts. ie. larger file storage space, optional network features, accessibility options (mobile network, overseas), etc.


This product, ibank, is aimed at changing the present concepts of computerised information storage and information networks. to create a worldwide information storage platform that will encourage true competition, by the coordination of all personal research efforts to attain common worldwide goals.


This network must be efficiently secure. all information stored on this network must be easily attainable to all appropriate users via a simplistically logical visually user orientated, software interface.

It will also secure entitled financial income to the business involved, by assuring customer security and billing for any such information purchases or transactions via the ibank network. The primary aim is to provide a highly efficient and affective information accessing and storage facility.  This in turn creates an affective information storage network, designed specifically for commercial “online” integration, for better customer targeting and efficient market integration whilst securing absolute privacy.


Product Outline

The ibank system preposed is designed to be released in  stage form.


First stage should incorporate the following facilities


Totally “online” file storage facility

This is aimed at facilitating the need of the user, to store their personal files in a universally attainable place. Whilst ensuring the primary needs of the user in providing absolute privacy provided by the network security in the storage of their files


  • - document files
  • - graphic files
  • - workstation backup’s
  • - user’s  personal account information incorporating
  • - the ibank diary
  • - the ibank security system
  • - users intergrated service providers (banks, telicommunications, etc)


ibank account diary

Address book information such as

  • - email addresses
  • - phone and fax numbers
  • - mailing addresses


ibank account holders, personal security system

Accessing procedures

- hardware interface smartcard “key”

- personally serial numbered credit card sized c.d. for initial system contact (only necessary for full account access)

- personal “user name” and “password”

- ibank network usage history and account accessing privilage listings

- “d.n.s” style accessing history of all ibank account holders actions whilst online


Other network members that have accessed your  account listing’s of ibank users you have certifyed for specific prividleges in your personal account total security management system incorporating;, secure account opening procedures incorporating hardware key’s and security software orientation operating throughout the network.


These are viewed as crucially important initial steps, to be designed for total security and to gain market trust and loyalty. this network must be known as the most secure place one can store their information. this will create the foundations for “ibank” to be the next technological revolution.